Adidas Superstar 35th New York

Adidas Superstar 35th Anniversary New York City

Release Date: 01-01-2005

Quantity: Unknown (open allocation)


Genuine shoes will have no signs of ‘heel tags’.


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6 Responses to “Adidas Superstar 35th New York”

  1. Sary Says:

    Hi there,

    What do you reckon, real or snide?

  2. SpotFakeAdidas Says:

    Hi, bit hard to be sure but I’d say real…. and worn more than once!

  3. Sary Says:

    That’s why i’m gonna leave them. Insides look a bit manky, shame but can’t make myself do it. The ones I bought off you were as described, basically brand new. Cheers for the reply.

  4. Sary Says:


    I’m considering these,

    Do you think they’re real or fakes?


  5. SpotFakeAdidas Says:

    Hi Sary, they’re real! Need fatter laces tho 😉 –

    Best Fat Laces

  6. Sary Says:

    Thanks man, still got those awsome Ian Browns I bought off you.

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