Adidas Superstar 35th Neighborhood

Adidas Superstar 35th Anniversary Neighborhood

Release Date: 01-01-2005

Quantity: 300

Insole logo / text should face in opposing directions.

Superstar 35th Neighborhood Insoles Genuine
Superstar 35th Neighborhood Laces Fake

Superstar 35th Neighborhood Laces Genuine

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9 Responses to “Adidas Superstar 35th Neighborhood”

  1. mr bay Says:

    hi there. can u explain “Insole logo / text should face in opposing directions” further? does it mean that the legit pair’s insole logos/texts for the left & right should be in different directions? have u got a picture of how a legit pair’s insole logo/text look like? thanks for your time.

  2. RareAdidas Says:

    Hi, some extra photos added…..

  3. mr bay Says:

    Thanks for the info and pictures. They are very helpful. And I just paid a fortune on a pair of fakes… Damn. Nuff said.

  4. Mezrift Says:

    I have a pair of these – the branding on the insole faces opposite directions, but the laces look more like the fake ones I think?

    I have what I know are genuine Foot Patrols and Dasslers – are there any other signs I can look out for? Flexibility/colouration of the sole for example?

  5. SpotFakeAdidas Says:

    Hi, you can check the normal things – serial numbers should be different, no ‘heel tags’, general stitching/build quality, box quality/label. If they are still tagged then you can also check they use the correct plastic attachment. The shell could have some rubber whitening due to age unless treated. Perhaps ask for some opinion at, but introduce yourself first or they won’t help!

  6. bidou Says:

    Hi man, why don’t you keep your website up to date? You’re doing an amazing job and this is exactly what Adidas should officially do for us to avoid buying fu***** fake shoes.

    Thanks for your work!

  7. SpotFakeAdidas Says:

    Thanks for your comment, I agree – this is the kind of service adidas should provide.

    Unfortunately I have to spend my time earning money to pay bills so I can’t dedicate time to maintain the site any more.

    Maybe one day adidas could employ me!


  8. J-Me Says:

    Anything that I should look for to identify a fake in the Jeremy Scott Black and White Tall Boys?

    Also, another question- I’ve seen multiple pictures you’ve posted showing examples of fake laces. Does that mean the laces are not made by Adidas? Are being sold by someone other than Adidas? The entire package (shoes and laces) are fake? That the laces might have been repackaged/ and or at least part of the shoes/laces were previously used or taken out of the package?

    Thank you in advance.

  9. SpotFakeAdidas Says:

    Can’t help with the Jeremy Scott stuff…best to avoid it all in my opinion, real or fake!

    The spare laces in the 35th anniversary superstars can indicate that the shoes are fake.


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