Adidas Superstar 35th Adi Dassler

Adidas Superstar 35th Anniversary Adi Dassler

Release Date: 01-01-2005

Quantity: 700

Genuine shoes will have no signs of ‘heel tags’.

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7 Responses to “Adidas Superstar 35th Adi Dassler”

  1. Tony Says:

    I am looking at buying some 35th trainers from , do you know if this is a reputable site. Cheers.

  2. SpotFakeAdidas Says:

    Hello, sorry but they are a well-known fake site. It should be obvious – these shoes are worth hundreds of pounds because they SOLD OUT a long time ago! So they will never be available in a bulk selection of sizes for a reasonable price anywhere.

  3. Alex Says:


    bought the last day a new pair from the 35th Anniversary Dassler Shoes…I really think they are fake, but i am not sure.
    Any chance i can sent you a picture to let me know your opinion ?


  4. Oliver Says:


    Do you know, does this site sell original or fake superstars?
    The superstar 35th adi dassler is 67 euro (discount form 148 euro)

    Thank you for your help!

  5. Glen Siddall Says:

    I’ve recently bought a pair of Adidas Rekord which i was convinced were counterfeit. Heel tags on show, poor quality, no serial numbers at all in the tongues. I sent them to the Brand Protection manager at Adidas, Stockport and they returned them saying they were genuine!

    Anyone else had a similar experience? I’m still not convinced they are genuine.

  6. SpotFakeAdidas Says:

    All the sites you listed are selling fakes. You simply cannot stock a full size range of 35th anniversaries any more… they are long gone! Especially for such a cheap price!

  7. SpotFakeAdidas Says:

    Hi Glen, yes I have heard similar stories before! You would have thought they should be able to spot fakes…. but doesnt always seem the case I’m afraid. Cheers

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