Adidas Adicolor Y6 Superstar Queens

Adidas Adicolor Y6 Superstar Queens 

Release Date: 05-2006

Quantity: Unknown (open allocation)

The sole image should be different on both shoes.

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4 Responses to “Adidas Adicolor Y6 Superstar Queens”

  1. Jordon Says:

    The box part confuses me what do “consistent” mean? When it says Y3 is it real and everything is fake?

  2. SpotFakeAdidas Says:

    Your comment makes no sense. Can you explain yourself better?

  3. Jordon Says:

    I mean, when it says on the Y3 on the box it’s real? And when it says Y4 or R3 they’re fake?

  4. SpotFakeAdidas Says:

    No you are confusing the Adidas Y3 series with Adicolor. There are no details regarding Adidas Y3 (Japanese collab) on this website. This is in the adicolor section of which the Y3 (yellow 3) century is one of 42 models in the collection.

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