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Adidas Adicolor

Adidas Superstar 35th Anniversary

Adidas Superstar 35th Neighborhood

Adidas Superstar 35th Anniversary Neighborhood

Release Date: 01-01-2005

Quantity: 300

Insole logo / text should face in opposing directions.

Superstar 35th Neighborhood Insoles Genuine
Superstar 35th Neighborhood Laces Fake

Superstar 35th Neighborhood Laces Genuine

October 31st, 2009 | 9 Comments

Adidas Superstar 35th Adi Dassler

Adidas Superstar 35th Anniversary Adi Dassler

Release Date: 01-01-2005

Quantity: 700

Genuine shoes will have no signs of ‘heel tags’.

September 1st, 2009 | 7 Comments

Adidas Adicolor Track Tops

How To Spot Fake………

Adidas Adicolor Track Tops

A quick check to see if your Adicolor Track Top is fake or not – the box labels should be consistently positioned, with the colour label (R3) etc on the left (due to the guide).

If the box does not have the label guide then they are fake!

Box labels will always be consistent
Due to the guides (visible through te label above)
Fake example
Fake example

Also genuine Adicolor Track Tops are supplied wrapped in packing paper in the presentation box – they are not bagged.




November 30th, -0001 | 1 Comment

Adidas Adicolor Y6 Superstar Queens

Adidas Adicolor Y6 Superstar Queens 

Release Date: 05-2006

Quantity: Unknown (open allocation)

The sole image should be different on both shoes.

November 30th, -0001 | 4 Comments
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